Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Every Nuer must be very carefulful in Gambella in regard to thier movement. Even those under the protection of the federal goverment are not immune from the Gambella crisis. The Vice President nearly got killed two days ago. It was with luck and the Grace of God that we did not loose him on that day.

As the region is completely in war situation, the delusional administration is in a la la land pretending to be at work while the dead are being burried from both sides. This is irresponsible kind of leadership. A day after the Nuer were attacked by theΒ  ex Liyu Haile Commander and his extremist group, President, Omot and his vice, Thankuey went for a tree plantaion in Wanthoa Wereda in Nuer Zone.

They went on Prime Minister Abiy’s Mission to plant as many trees as Eethiopians could possibly do. A responsible goverment would have stopped every work and try to find a solution. But as Nuer are calmer and have a respect of the authorities, President Omot’s lufe was not in danger. However, the same was not the same for Thankuey on the other day when they went for the same tree plantation but this time in Anyuak zone in Bonga Kebele.

The Anyuak have leaked information to the same commander who killed women and children in bus attack that Thankey and Omot are going to be in Bonga in a certain particular place.Β  This information was given by Ministry of Information’s Office. When Thankuey and Omot arrived, they started planting trees. Then Thankuay saw the commander popping out of woods and walking toward them. Thankuey already knew the commander since he was their staff till he joined the bush when he refused to hand over his weapons. Thankuey asked the authorities what is he doing here?

Because they panicked in shame as he could never have been there they lost for every possible word they could tell Thankey. He was not happy and ask the federal forces to arrest him.

The argument from the information office who had the knowledge of this guy’s coming was that we got him here because we wanted to arrest him. This information was not communicated to Omot or Thankuey. Only the information Office himself knew about it.

We are glad that he survived despite him being no better than the Nuer who have already lost their lives in the hands of Anyuak. But in war time, you need your leader to stay alive to work with his people. Thyankuey and any other Nuer official must be really careful of where they go and work.

Former Minister of Agriculture , Ato Gatdet Gony Kuay was killed by Anyuaks in sameΒ  manner they tried to do on Thankuey. Gatdet was sent by former vice President Olero to see the plantation in Abobo while on his way back, he informed his Anyuak thugs to block the road and kill him which they did. Nuer Leaders need to learn and not be fooled to hell. Better die in a battlefield than being executed coldbloodedly.


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