Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Gambellians have Celebrated the Opening of the Jiokow Bridge in joy. Almost every sector in Gambella have attended the opening celebration of the bridge that will connect the communities in the Nuer Zone who are seprated by flood water in the rainy season.

Ths developemnt has been long waited because communities in those areas waits for months before the water subsides to travel. With now the bridge which as just been completed, there is a clear path of momvement in what is rather seen as an isolated months.

Many officials of Gambella including the regional state president, Ato Ojulu and his Vice Ato Thankuay were among the attendee. Gambellians are thankful to the federal democratic of Ethiopia for funding this project as well as thankful to the regional state goverment for identifying the challange faced by Jiokow woreda in rainy season as the flood water impdes communities from accessing the services they deserve.


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