Tuesday, June 18, 2024

It is good to see that female education in Gambella has significantly improved in the last few years. Many young girls in Gambella now put emphasis on finishing their education than getting married. Thus it is imperative to support them with their desire and put in place measures that assist them to pursue their dreams.

The 2006 E.C saw many girls enrolled in year 9th and 10th levels for the first time ever in the Gambella education history. The benefits of female education is very significant in all three tiers, family, community as well as nation. An educated woman engenders a positive impact in her family. They tend to have better communication with their children as well as with their community. Financially they are equipped to increase family income. As for the situation of Gambella, educating women would eventually erase the idea of perception about men being the bread earners giving little or no regard at all to women.

In community level, educated women plays significant role in finding solutions that impede development and social stability. As for the case of Gambella, having more educated women is vital for them to address social issues especially in the area of health. It should be easy to promote an awareness campaign about AIDS in the region to educated women than uneducated ones.


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