Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ethiopia and Sudan have been voicing their concern over the presence of the Ugandan troops inside South Sudan fighting alongside Salva Kiir’s SPLA forces. The reason of their objection was for the creation of a viable peace in South Sudan because if Kiir continuous getting military support from Uganda far equipped with air power and heavy artillery than the SPLA in opposition might not be able to match that power and at the same time Kiir would not be able to fully accept peace realising that he is not losing any of his men and more to the point the Uganda Peoples Defence Force will win the war for him.

Another reason would be the honouring of human right that other nations should not meddle with other’s sovereignty. Uganda had no right to act as it is at the moment offering its troops as Kiir’s mercenaries getting paid to kill South Sudanese who will one day align either with Kiir or the people of South Sudan who supports him.

Uganda’s intervention in South Sudan would have made sense had the SPLA in opposition involved in terrorist type of activities one of which was the onus of their involvement in Somalia. However, none is the case with Dr. Riek and his rebellion which was created and born out of Kiir’s injustice and his grip of power through iron and fist.

And indeed the reverse is true with Kiir who had instigated a targeted killing of Nuer in Juba simply because they happen to be from Dr. Riek’s tribe. Kiir could not runway at this point in time begging IGAD and as far as Islamic nations in the north of the continent seeking troops to fight for him for problems he created.

IGAD in particular must not succumb to Uganda’s request because keeping Kiir in power would mean orchestrating another civilian deaths because he is what he is. He is not going to adhere to human rights nor honouring the peace talks. Another bad policy of helping him would also prevent the world body ion conducting inquiries as such would be a norm in East Africa when they are seen deploying troops for a support of a person who should be in jail. That will also erase any legal apparatus Uganda would face. The best for IGAD to respond would be to let the Uganda go and trying to solve the problem without any presence force in the country fighting alongside any of these two.

Lastly what are the preconditions is IGAD going to set up? Would this mean when a leader messes up his political career either through stupidity as Kiir had done going to get support from IGAD members? What about the opposition which enjoy an overwhelming support of the majority. Above all Museveni had offred her trop as mercenaries fighting on behalf of Kiir to act as mercenaries killing innocent South Sudanese the same people like Kiir.

In a civilized world, Museveni could be arrested and held accountable for his actions. Such is the same reason that got Charles Taylor incarnated for 30 years for involving in Sierra Leone affair.  However, deploying East African troops in the country will do little to bring peace and above all will tarnish the IGAD image nor only on the eyes of South Sudan freedom fighters but also on the international community who were asking Uganda to get out.


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