Wednesday, April 24, 2024
My paragraph will start by asking ourselves the meaning of terrorist. This is because many bloggers have been naming the Anyuak Extremist in Gambella as terrororist. Without much understanding as to what that might mean. I am putting this oer to you audiences and relate the word with the situation which affects the people of Gambella especially the Nuer.
The Oxoford Dictionary defines terrost as a peson who uses unlawful violence and intimidation especially against civilians in the pursuit of political aims.
This difinition fits the situation we are seeing in Gambella because the target of Anyuak onslaught have been the civilians and none combatants of the Nuer ethnic group. The Anyuak runs away when they see an armed Nuer but likes to kill those that are unable to defend themselves.
They do that to create fear and terror so that thier political game which is to drive Nuer out of Gambella is achieved. For that reason we have to come to the conclusion that what happens in gambela is categorised as terrorism organisde by Gambella National and Regional State Goverment led by President Omot Ojulu.ย  Almost all the civilians from both sides Nuer and Anyuak are not intersted in butchering each other.
But some of the Anyuak politicians support the Anyuakl Extremist group who want Gambella for Anyuak only. They all wanted to drive Nuer out who had been in Gambella the same time the Anyuak were for almost 300 years ago. Nuer need to understand that the problem they are facing has become an ideology which you cannot defeat through reasoning. They need to look after themselves


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