Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Your departure has shocked the entire Mathiang Kiir Community, which is a great loss. Though, I learned two weeks ago that you would not make it, my mind

Rev. Changkuoth Deng Kier

has been fumbling to find the word, I failed to describe such a debilitating situation or this complicated grief.

Rev. John Deang, you were among the best of the best in our community who always responses the needs of your people as well as peacemaker. Your Mathiang Kiir Community around the globe will miss you dearly as they are experiencing painful emotions which will take them time recovering from your loss and resuming their normal life.

It will be so hard for many of your brothers, sisters, fathers, and mothers and friends to adjust themselves to a new reality in which their loved one is no longer with them.Β  Rest In Peace Rev. Johnny until we meet you one by one.

Message by brother KAWAY MUN NOK


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