Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Anyuak gun men composing of Militia and Police Officers attacked Wanthoa woreda yesterday. This comes a week after the Murle attack on Jor, an Anyuak woreda which the Anyuak believed was carried by the Nuer. Although there was no evidence to suggest that Nuer were behid the Jor attack, Omot arrested all Nuer Woreda administrators for the Jor attack.

Omot is ruling freely in Gambella not shy of dismantling ethnic ethnic federalism removing Nuer Ministers in the cabit and replacing them with Majang or Oppo whose populations does not support the number of cabinet positions they held.

Omot was informed of the Wanthoa attacked but refuted it that no Anyuak infiltrated to Nuer woredas either for a fight or peace. That was different story on the ground. As Nuer thought there were peace, no reconnaisance or police were organised. The Anyuak came in large number burning down the village and killing anything on their path.

The Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) confirmed that as they went to Wanthoa and met the patients. Other evidences could also be provided on the attackers such us bodies and IDs bearing Anyuak names. Now the question to ask is would OMOT arrest the woreda leaders of the Anyuak Zone such as what he did to the Nuer leaders eventhough that was entirely a Murle isuee?

I would be keen to know how these unfold in the next coming days.


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