Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Life for the Nuer in Gambella is becoming harder. At the same night where quarter of the town in Tharpaam was burnrt down by arosonist, famers of Puldeng Kebele in Itang Woreda had all their produces mowed. This could not have come in a worst time given that it is a livelyhood they depened on.

Nobody knows who did that but fingers are being pointed to the Anyuak in the area who have had so many scuffles with the Nuer. Last week, a passenger bus from Tharpaam traveling to Gambella was attacked near Abol, a notorious town where many terrorist elements launch an attack on civilians.

THe attackers have not been caught. At the same time, the Gambella National and Regional State goverment does not seem to hunt those who carried out the attack.

Following the bus attack, a person believed to be from Anyuak ethnic group was shot in Itang town near the town council in what was believed to be of a revenge attack. He survived the gunshot however, the attacker was shot and wounded by victim’s bodyguards.

They are all receiving medical treatments in Gambella Hospitals.


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