Tuesday, June 18, 2024

We, the Lou Nuer community in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia do here by in the strongest terms possible, condemn the indiscriminate and barbaric massacre of the Nuer Internally Displaced Persons in the UNMISS camp in Bor-Jonglei State/South Sudan by the genocidal Dinka-dominated government of Salva Kiir and its affiliated coward militias. The incidence that occurred April 17th, 2014 at 9:00am was carried out by over 3,000 assailants fully armed with modern weaponry all in full combat gears making it difficult for the Indian Protection Unit to resist them.

These cowardice militias overwhelmed the UN forces and summarily executed the innocent women, children, elderly and the sick in the full view of the the Governor of Jonglei State-John Kong Nyuon, Deputy Speaker-Moses Mayul Bol, Minster of Cabinet Affairs-Rev. Gabriel Gai Riam Minster of Animal resources-Nyang Lul Gai, and the three newly appointed Greater Akobo commissioners namely; Timothy Taban Juc, Nyang Chuol Dhuor, Peter Mabor Bol) who were at the airport (a two minute walking distance from the scene of the massacre) at the time of the incidence.

The casualties of this cowardice indiscriminate killing include:
Death toll of more than 150;
Over 300 gunshot wounds; and
Many still unaccounted for.

We do sincerely pay our condolences to the families and relatives of the deceased ones who have died in the hands of the barbaric government and its ruthless and inhumane militias. May God rest their souls in peace!

We also strongly believe that the incidence is not an isolated; it was properly planned, organized and executed to the point with the abovementioned seniors Jonglei State government officials fully aiding and abetting the massacre as being seen in the swift and prompt responses of the Greator Bor leaders namely; National Minister of Information Michael Makuei Lueth, Brig. Gen. Malaak Ayuen and Mayor of Bor Town-Nhial Majak Nhial who downplayed the massacre for cover ups as a minor clash of youth groups on all media outlets of South Sudan. They must account for this war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Of course, the incidence is too inhumane and barbaric and this is the wish of those Nuers in Juba supporting the genocidal Dinka-dominated government who think the blood of innocent is going to secure their positions and riches.
We hope Marial Benjamin Bilual, Riek Gai Kok Diang, Rachel Nyadak Paul, Chuol Rambang Luoth, Gatluak Ruon Nyuot, James Sejin Banak, Majiok Gatluak Thoa, Michael Chot Lul are enjoying the ethnic cleansing being carried out on their people.

Source Lou Nuer in Addis Ababa


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