Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The killing spree of none Anyuaks by Anyuak extremist has not stopped. A week cannot pass without a death recorded on none Anyuaks. Today, two Oromos were lured to death by a person supposdly their friend.

They received a call from Manyang, a village inhabited by Anyuak in Itang Special Woreda. The message to them was that thereΒ  is a huge fish they can come and buy if they like it. The duo were traders and as the hugeness of the fish was explianed, they were enthuthistic of s big cash which they believed would bring them some money.

They drove to Manyang on a bajaj going to buy a fish. When they got there, they both were shot and killed. One of the dead was a 16 years old boy. He was from a poor family supporting his mum and siblings.

Born in Itang to Oromo family, neither the boy nor his family has never had any issue with anyone. His dad passed away few years ago. It is very hard to fathom how his mum will survive about his death, This is the anguish the Anyuak extremists are creating in Gambella breaking the hearts of so many people. They killed a Nuer studentin Gambella tournament aweek ago. His brother sustained serious injuries shot multiple times resulting to fracture of his thigh bone



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