Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Gambella’s darkest days are back again. The terrorists are back in the business killing passengers on a public bus bound for Nyinenyang, an administrative town of the Nuer zone. Almost 90 percent of the passengers were Nuer.

The bus was set a blaze and five passengers were confirmed dead at the scene and seven others sustained gunshot wounds some of which are in critical condition. The dead include women and children all of whom were Nuer.

The government is investigating those who were behind these evil acts but eye witnesses reported and survivals accounts are still being gathered to determine who the culprits were and where they might come from and what their motive were.

Gambella Vision urges all the people of Gambella to remain calm,ย  unite and stand together both Nuer and Anyuak, the two largest ethnic groups in the region and hunt down these culprits who have no or little regard to Gambella lives.

Gambella Lives matters. Destroying us does not mean setting good precedence for the people of our region and our country. We should not be an hot spot of violence year in and year out. We need development not violence.

As such, we need to show and proof that we are not barbaric and condemn this evil actย  together and bring down those who haveย  caused so much pain and ruined the Christmas for so many families.

The terrorist have no place in Gambella nor in Ethiopia for that matter. The attack upon the innocent lives must be dealt with by our government, the Ethiopian Defense Force and the Gambella Special Force.

Gambella Vision urges all the Gambella people to leave this matter to the Government. No civilian should take it to their own hands. That would only make us as bad as the terrorists.


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