Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Everytime a passenger bus got attacked, somebody else beside the Nuer gets killed or injured. This is because Nuer do not operate these heavy vehicles. The owners of these heavy vehicles are either, the Oromos, the Amharas, the Tigreans or other nationsls of Ethiopiua who have either come for business to Gambella or adopted Gambella and called it home.

The yesterday bus attack on Lare Gambella Road which left 5 people dead had an Oromo on the statistic. The slain was an assistant to the driver doing their business helping the people of Gambella who cannot travel between the Woredas had it not been the help of transport provided by these group.

The Driver is fighting for his life in Gambella Primary Hospital. In July last year, a passenger bus was attacked by these terrorist on the same road. The driver was killed instantly along with seven Nuer (7 ) others. The driver was originally from the state of Tigray bit have come to Gambella for business.

Besides the human lost, the property loss is huge. The bus attacked yesterday is a write off and would never be on the roasd again. The proce of that bus is well over three millions birr. This is what the terrorist are not thinking through and their tribal goverment. Some traders have worked all their life to fullfill the dream of buying a public bus but only to be destroyed in split seconds.

The Anyuak have burnt so many many buses on this road as well as on Nyinenyang Road. They destroy properties and human life with no regard whatsoevr. For any bus that is desytroyed, the driver and assistant are often dead,

Some instances are without warning. But this violence the Anyuak carried on the Nuer from last year could have been stopped if the Prime Minister had the gut to change Gambella Leadership for someone who fights crimes. The Anyuak Contigent conducting terrorism on Nuer are based in Maker. If Omot want peace in Gambella, he could have denid them a base or arresting them.

But he is unable to do that and at the sametime unable to make way for anyother body who could do so. The Prime Ministop who could make a final decision if he want peace to dwell in Gambella is not doing anything. What has been happening is the contineous suffering of the Nuer and everybody else who lives in Gambella including his own Oromos. Abiyt two days a go on 25/03/2023, three investors of Oromo, Tigreans or Amharas were killed in Abobo by the Anyuak. The killers are still at large and would likely kill again.

The Nuer have a capability to respond but the Ethiopian Military in Gambella with Generals bribed by President Omot does not give Nuer any chance to protect themselves. The Anyuak go in front of them and attack Nuer and when Nuer chases them back, they stops Nuer and are always eager to shot at the Nuer. The Nuer on their part have respect to the law and the authority and when such happens just weep and return back to bury their dead. No accountability whatsoever.

This indicisive Prime Minister may be good for people of the other regions, but for Gambella especially the Nuer, he is not that much liked like he used to be when he came to power. Nuer suffers enormously on his leadership.


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