Tuesday, May 21, 2024

We wish every Ethiopian a happy Easter throughout the globe and hope that the spirit, strength and protection of our Lord Jesus dwells upon all Ethiopians. The 2008 E.C calendar has not been an easy year particularly for the People of Gambella as a whole be an Anyuak, Nuer or our brothers from the Ethiopian Highlands who have come and adopted Gambella for centuries and live with us peacefully in the Gambella lowlands.

Many evil things have taken the lives of so many people in Gambella this year. We urge all Ethiopians to pray in this Easter to our Lord Jesus to let Gambella shine again and put all those evil acts away.

In this Easter let us also pray the Lord to be on the side of our government in their negotiation with anybody who took the Ethiopian kids at gunpoint from Gambellaโ€™s Nuer zone. Let pray the Lord to get all the kids back to the Ethiopian soil safely and protect our military because we Ethiopians are not cruel or barbaric as our neighbours are whether they are from the North, South or South West of our country.

May God Bless Ethiopia and May God Bless our Military


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