Wednesday, April 24, 2024

So many trips have been made by members of the federal government to find peace in Gambella. The members of the Gambella National and Regional State


Government have also made many trips seeking for a lasting peace from Addis Ababa.

The Gambella Vision thinks it is a waste of time and resources because insecurity issues in the region is not with the Nuer or other ethnic groups like Amhara, Tigreans, Oromos or people from Southern Nations and Nationalities who live in Gambella. The problem is with the Anyuak community themselves.

The Anyuak have a fantasy of evicting Nuer from Ethiopia. Their fancy is not just the Nuer Ethiopians but also the Nuer who are South Sudanese who live in the Refugees Camps under the Protection of the Federal Democratic Government of Ethiopia and the United Nations High Commissioner for the Refugees.

Despite that, the Anyuak are killing refugees and the Ethiopian Nuer Nationals in their campaign of terror. They selected recruits from all woredas of the Anyuak Zone and now engaged in the killing from the Last year.

It is no point for Omot to seek peace from the Nuer or answers for a peaceful solution from the federal government.

Their terrorists have launching pads in Itang and in Gambella city itself. They carry attacks on Nuer from those areas including passenger buses on the road. President Omot can solve this problem in one day if he wants to.

He does not only harbours criminals but gives them resources to conduct vicious attacks on the Nuer. Now, Gambella town has already been infiltrated by the terrorist and attack can happen anytime.

The only reason why it has not happened is the presence of federal officials in the city who are trying to get into the bottom of the Gambella problem. For us this issue would never be solved if the real culprits are not addressed.

President Omot does not tell the real reason of why the Anyuaks are killing Nuer in the country which is their fantasy to send them to foreign countries. But

President Omot Ojulu in a meeting with the federal forces

tells different reasons which will make it hard for the federal government to solve because it is like diagnosing a wrong infection.

It is like treating pneumonia with Panadol. The ring leaders of the Anyuak ideology needs to be arrested and punished for the terror they caused and until that happen, no deterrence whatsoever will stop the rest of the Anyuak population from killing Nuer.

The Anyuaks needs to accept that Nuer have equal right to live anywhere like them in Ethiopia and in Gambella in particular.

The Ethiopian Constitution states that fact and anyone who violates that is an enemy of the state. While the federal government is slow in defending the constitution, Nuer must arm themselves to their teethย  and ensure whoever is coming to eliminate them must be eliminated.

No Nuer needs to die like last year when so many Nuer were killed in Bereseb and Omot was letting police vehicles used to kill Nuer. At some point, Nuer would need to be on



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