Tuesday, May 21, 2024

There is no Anyuak in Gambella who hates Nuer more than President Omot does. Since the Anyuak’s GPLM started killiing of the Nuer in Wanthoa Woreda with the death of 9 women killed in a church followed by an attack on Bereseb, Omot never shown any sympathy or a desired to apprehend violence criminals. Slowly slowly, the situation boiled up to the point where have realised they got an issue with the Anyuak and President Omot in particular.

With that Nuer have paid double to travel in the region paying for their security and also those in the villages who always comes under the Anyuak attack started to arm themselves. Specific areas such as Wanthoa and Itang have always been a hot bed of violence. So many fights were fought in Makot with the goal being the dislodgement of Nuer in Makhot, Puldeng, Berseseb and Itang.

Now that the Anyuak cannot achieve their goals violently, they are pressuring Nuer MPs to go to their people asking them to hand their weapons to President Omot. Some of these Nuer MPs are so stupid in the first place to listen what this killer Omot had to say let alone taking a move to waste time talking to their people in the village.

In all those situations, there are always something missing with the Nuer which the enemy find to get us with. When the Liyu Haile were was abolished, all Anyuak members of Liyu Haile refused to hands their weapons in while all the Nuer Special Force members did, These weapons the Nuer returned were given to Anyuak militia by former Police Commissioner Senay Akwor and used them to kill Nuer. This was done in the eyes of Nuer officals with no question being asked.

Now Omot is trying to do the same to get weapons from our villagers so that they can slaughter Nuerย  like they always do. As these Nuer MPs could not secure arms from their kebeles to handover to Omot which he could then use to give to Anyuak, they lost their ministerial posts. Omot will try very hard to blackmail Nuer for jobs to do harm to their people he never care about.

No Nuer MP should listen to this killer.


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