Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Anyuak Extremists are not letting up Violence in Gambella. On  24/05/2024. they ambushed a bajaj where passengers and a police officer of Nuer Ethnic Tribe were on board. They shot and killed the police officer and took his rifle. The driver who is an Oromo was wounded along with other passengers from Nuer ethnic groups.

The injuried hided in the bushes before notifying the authorities for help. Itang and its surroung is a hotspot for Gambella violence largely because the cuprits are on the loose. The people getting arrested from Itang Special Woreda  had no role in crimes like this. But President Omot gave a licence to his tribemen to kill the Nuer. That is why you see no arrest made even of the mass killing of Nuer including the Police Officers in Berberesep.

What Omot does is the opposite arresting Nuer with no connection to the violence the Anyuak instigated part of the reason why the Gambella Prison is packed with the Nuer. The majority of Nuer arrested from Itang had no role on the killing and if anyone was arrested might have acted in self defese on what the Anyuak Ideology started which is to drive the Nuer out of Gambella. President Omot is to  blame for either not taking necessary measures of protecting the society or for harbouring evil wishes against the Ethiopian Constitution.

As the killing of the Njuer continue in dept and volume, Nuer along the areas bordering Anyuak neighbourhoods would need to come together and form Nuer Neighbourhood watch so that an incident like this can be prevented either with support or without Support of Omot and Thankuey whose goal is to see a elimination of Nuer in Gambella.

More of this to follow.


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