Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The killing spree of other ethnic groups in Gambella by Anyuak extremist is not slowing down. Today, an Oromo man on a bajaj was killed by Anyuak extremist in Itang. Itang has been a hotbed of violence since 2002 when ethnic violence erupted between the Nuer and Anyuak in 2002, G.C.

The violence erupted between the Nuer and the Anyuak. However, highlanders from other parts of Ethiopia such as Amhara, Oromos, Tigres, Kambattas and Sourthern Nations People have been slain by Anyuaks.

The killings of this poor man today by the Anyuak extremists is not isolated. It forms their agenda which is to clear Gambella from other ethnic tribes. There is no hope that Gambella will ever be in peace because the murders are walking free shielded by their community. More to follow


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