Tuesday, April 23, 2024

A spectator from Akobo woreda was killed few hours ago by Anyuak violence criminals. The other two were wounded and now are in a serious condition fighting for their live in Gambella Primary Hospital. The attackers came on a car with the Plate Number 0036. The terrorists as always were accompanied by Gambella Officers who happened to be from Anyuak ethnic group.

The victims were from Nuer zone from Akobo woreda who came to support their team in the tournament held in Gambella. After the match, the players were taking shower in Baro River and the armed terrorist arrived by a car with the plate Number 0036 believed to be coming from Abol Woreda and with out warning opened fire on the fans and players all of which were bathing in the river.

This is not a surprise that such a barbaric act could happen. Gambella Vision put outย  a warning call for the tournament to be called off (stopped). Had this advice been followed through, such a tragedy could have been avoided. Gambella Vision would stillย  encourage those with power in Gambella including President Omot to stop this tournament.

The Anyuak are killing Nuer with full impunity and they are not those in the bushes that kills Nuer but the Gambella Police officer who happened to be of Anyuak ethnic group gives them the path and the intelligence and that is why Nuer are killed every day.

On top of that, there is no deterrence whatsoever for the violence criminals. Their Anyuaks in power works with them and harbours them. These are the signs of a failed leadership and it is certainly true that Omot leadership has failed. That is why his people do not listen to him. He is not arresting any Anyuak murderer because he fears for his life. In that regard, Nuer are paying ultimate price getting killed everyday by Anyuak.

Now, every Nuer must not go to the game. Please Listen and do not go whatsoever.


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