Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Omot Ojulu has no different with the Anyuak Terrorists who always kill Nuer. He dimissed the Security Chief, Chuol Kun Lual for not doing what

President Omot Ojulu in a meeting with the federal forces

Omot has not been able to do ever since the killing of the Nuer started. Chuol was sent to Nuer Zone by Omot along with the ENDF to apprehend Nuer farmers who had no connectionย  with what happened in Jor Last week.

Jor Woereda of Anyuak Zone was attacked by what was believed to be ofย  Murle gun men. A week before Jor was attacked, the Anyuak ambushed a convoy whose passengers were of Murle ethnic group and killed all those who were onboard. There was no survivors.

Days after the ambush and the killing, the Murle retaliated launching an attack on Anyuak villages around Pochalle, a town inhabitted by South Sudanese Anyuak as well as in Jor, a Woreda of Ethiopia in Anyuak Zone adjacent to the Nuer.

Because the Anyuak have attacked a passengers bus in Gambella kiling 5 people including the assistant whoย  was an Oromo, they turned around and accused the Nuer that they were behind the Jor atttack. Without any evidence, Omot oredered the Ethiopian Defense Force to kill the Nuer civilians in Nuer Zone who had no knowledge with Jor attack.

Chuol did not agree with Omot’s version of getting innocent Nuer killed by ENDF. The Anyuak evilness should not reach those who got nothing to do with it. They sown their own seeds of evil everywhere in their vicinities killing Murle in South Sudan and also killing the Nuer in Ethiopia.

In fact they have too many enemies to understand who might have attacked them because killing innocent souls is in their DNA.ย  But surely it was not the Nuer who attacked them. Murle for the Nuer are as bad as Anyuak.

The pattern as said in their social media does not reflect that of a Nuer attack. The Anyuak need to find their own enemies somewhere else beside the Nuer.ย  If the attack was carried by Nuer, they would not shy to say they were behind it because Omot has made Gambella a killing zone. Nobody afraid anymore as law and order system has broken down. Since last year till now, so many Nuer were killed and no nyuak was ever arrested, not even one.

But Omot is stupid and dumber forgetting the old all common sense such as the saying that goesย  “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander” If that was good for the Anyuak holding no body responsible on Nuer deaths? Why would Nuer be held responsible on Anyuak deaths? But it did not happen. No Nuer killed Anyuak.ย 

Despite that, Omot sent the ENDF which he used as a toy to execute his evil goals carrying GPLM agenda to persecute Nuer all the time. He sent the ENDF to the Nuer Zone to see if the attackers were Nuer so he could do whatever he wanted to do. Either kill them or arrest them.

No evidence was found but still he wants the ENDF to kill Nuer and when they could not not exerciswe the task given to them by Omot, Chuol became an escape goat for Omot so that the extremist Anyuaks could become happy that Nuer was dismissed.

Omot does not only understand common sense eventhough it does not apply here as the Nuer were not part of the Anyuak killings , but he does not understand ethnic based democracy. With this model, Ethnic democracy is a political system that combines a structured ethnic dominance with democratic, political and civil rights for all. Both the dominant ethnic group and the minority ethnic groups have citizenship and are able to fully participate in the political process.

Omot and the Anyuak in general are abusing this model. Despite Anyuak being the minority, Omot is removing and dismissing Nuer which is a gross abuse of demcracy. He had no right to be a President of Gambella let alone doing what he is doing as if democracy in Ethiopia is based on partyline. Omot does not know that and the Nuer who work with him in the Gambella National and Regional State Goverment allows him to behave like a mad dog with Nuer being killed all the time and not getting the killers arrested.

The Anyuak are sowing their own seed of destruction and if they do kill the neighbours such as what they are doing to Murle and the Nuer, they would have too many enemies to the point where they will be in delimma of who may strike them. They will loos ethan gain which would be a complete reverse of their day dream.


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