Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Ideology of GPLM is a Nuer Free Gambella. This has been a 33 years old held view since 1991 when the Opportunist Anyuak went to the bush at the time the Derg was toppled. They then informed the former ruling party that they themselves were also in the bush fighting the Derg regime.

Their Leader, who became the first President of Gambella National and Regional State, late ย Agwa Alemu, was an inclusive respecting the rights of all the five ethnic groups of the region including the Nuer. For holding that view he was killed by the mob who are now terrorising Gambella wanting to kick the Nuer Out.

Omot is helping them achieve that goal because GPLM is brutal worse than ISIS. So many of its members involved in the killings of Nuer in federal roads in buses and their homes. But Omot is not arresting nobody. Very few Anyuak about one or two have been aressted one of which is commander Abraham who involved in the killings of the Nuer in a bus in July last year.

But Omot and puppet Nuer who always wants to please him to keep their ministerial posts arrested so many Nuer even relatves of those who died in the hands of Anyuak. One of the strategy they uses for srresting victms relatives is that they might be behind any mysterious deaths of Anyuak as a revenge. This is very upsurd and disgusting to be done,

Two weeks ago, Omot was given ten days by federal authorities to bring peace to Gambella. As he always outsmart Nuer in the leadership with him. he called pastors telling them that he needs peace to come to Gambella. Omot was talking to the wrong crowd because the pastors have no knowledge of the GPLM plan which terrorise Gambella. He is the one who knows them better and he is the one who finances them giving them sanctuary to attacl Nuer. These people that supposed to be arrested include those who attacked the bus as recent as last month where 5 people were killed.ย Omot did not get anyone arrested, while the Nuer are packed in the prison,


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