Tuesday, May 21, 2024
Today evening in Gambella, President Omot Ojulu has initiated a mass arrest of more than 14 top leaders, including zonal chief administrators and district leaders. The individuals being detained include
  1. Doraar Kum Chatiem
  2. Chieng Chuol Reat
  3. Tut Muthiang,
  4. Oluit Biel Dar
  5. Koang Ugand
  6. Nhial Deng,
  7. Wiyual Thorow,
  8. Bol Keat (elder)
  9. Chuol Kuon,
  10. and several others whose names have not been disclosed.
The shocking aspect of these arrests is that all the detained officials belong to the Nuer community. They have been accused of orchestrating the insecurity issues that have plagued the Gambella region. However, many believe that these allegations are baseless and that the real culprit behind the unrest is President Omod Ojulu himself.
Since the onset of the security challenges in the region, President Omod Ojulu has allegedly been attempting to divert attention from his own wrongdoings by targeting innocent individuals who have no involvement in the instability. While his tribesmen have been implicated in violent acts, the President has failed to hold them accountable and instead has focused on arresting Nuer leaders.
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Omot Ojulu Acting like a Mad Dog

This selective targeting of Nuer officials has raised suspicions among the populace, with many questioning the motives behind these arrests. It is perceived as an attempt by President Ojulu to shield his own community members from facing justice while scapegoating others.
In light of these developments, there are growing calls for the intervention of the Ethiopian Federal Government to prevent President Nuer from potentially evading accountability. Rumors suggest that he may be planning to flee the country to escape justice. The urgency of the situation demands swift action to ensure that all those responsible for the insecurity in Gambella, including President Omod Ojulu, are held accountable before further harm is inflicted upon the innocent citizens of the region.
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