Tuesday, July 16, 2024

It is very hard to keep track on the Nuer death in Gambella as a whole. So far this week, three deaths were recorded. Yesterday, Anyuak gun men opened fire on children taking a bath in the pond killing one and wounded others. This comes a day after a Nuer was killed in Gambella after the game.

The sad news on the death of Nuer did not stop. A body was found on the side of the road between Kule and Tharpaam., That body is not identified yet. Nuer must take this Anyuak threat very seriously and put measures in place to protect themselves. Yesterday, in other areas around Itang in Makot Kebele, a group of Anyuak terrorist tried to rustle cattle from Nuer.

The Nuer foughtΒ  back and as these mob are coward who only love to kill unarmed people, they ran away when their fire was returned with fire. The same scenario happened in the morning in the same area. Nuer fishermen who went to the lake to check their fish nets were fired upon by Anyuaks.When they return the fire, the Anyuak ran away.

Nuer now needs to have watchmen in hotspot areas and protect vulnerable people including women and children from these terrorists.



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