Tuesday, April 23, 2024

It has been more than a month since the violence erupted in Gambella National and Regional State between the Nuer and Anyuak. Dozens of people have lost their lives in a violence which does not serve anybody’s interest.

Many are still confused about what caused it. Nobody is sure especially from the Nuer side what causes this unnecessary suffering on all the people of Gambella.

The security has remained an issue ever since. Movement in the region has been limited especially in Nuer Zone due to fear of attack. Travel between Nuer zone and Gambella town was halted but two weeks ago, the military has lent some help to scout passengers who want to travel to and from the Gambella town.

Right now, passenger vehicles are being scouted by the ENDF or the Federal Police to ensure safety of passengers on the road for random attack they could be subjected to. The passengers have good reason to fear because Gambella’s most heinous crimes appear to happen on roads where so many were summarily executed.

The killing of the refugees in Abobo and the killing of ARRA and UNHCR staff in Gambella Abol road all of which happened two decades ago are a few to mention.

Security scout by the ENDF and Federal Police may give sime short term relieve, but many would would argue it is not enough.ย  The Gambella President, who hails from Anyuak, has to do something to ensure safety of people and to contain violence once and for all.

Poor people now bear the brunt of the ticketing cost vehicle owners have to make up loses for hiring the armed men who ensure safety of passengers on the road. This tells why the travel cost has skyrocketed.

The President of Gambella and his administration has not laid plans on how to quell the violence. Killers are on the loose and when they attack, neither the police nor the defence force make attempt to investigate or bring them to justice.The system has been just a reactive way of governance rather than laying foundations that would make it difficult for anyone, whether a Nuer or Anyuak, to envolve in ethnic cleansing.

Such programs should deal around education strategies on locals that peacful coexistence is the only way forward for a viable Gambella,

As none of that is in place, the influence to others to be potential perpetrators is quite obvious and that enables the population to be so discontented with their goverment which seems to show no empathy for their lives.


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