Tuesday, April 23, 2024

The Nuer face existential threat like they never seen in their life. In just a matter of week, Nuer Nuers have died in the hands of Anyuak’sGambella People Liberation Movement (GPLM) supported by allย  Anyuaks including the President of Gambella National and Regional State Goverment, Mr Omot Ojulu.

There was correct intelligence gathered before the attack that these group has left Anyuak Weredas and came to atack Nuer inhabited Areas particulalry Bereseb to drive Nuer a way from the neighbourhood. Omot choose to do nothing. In addition, he is the funder of this group for 36 million birr using Gambella wealth to finance terrorsim.

The death of last night was the painful death Nuer have experienced. This is a time for development. It is not a time for war or fighting. But Omot and many Anyuaks do not realise the consequences of their actions. They are laughing today because of the damage they did. Nuer have never knelt down.

Anyuak are fighting to expell Nuer in Bereseb, That won’t happen. What will happen is that many Anyuaks will loose their homes in the river bank of Openo and the responsibility of that lies with President for siding with the criminals. Omot still has a chance to put the criminals behind bars. But he ciontinue to harbour them and resisting arrest even when the people he knows can be apprehended and brought to justice. Omot could not do it and many would believe he has the full responsibility for the chaos in Gambella.

The Nuer have to take this threatย  very seriously because this GPLM is the organisation that finished Nuer in Itang in 1992.


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