Tuesday, April 23, 2024

This is just a question. Do not panic because this is just a question. Here, you are asked to give an answer. The answer can either be ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ but with justification. This is not a remark and therefore you do not need to jump onto my neck. Just go through my answer to this question.

In the ancient time as well as in the modern time, the majority are the most advantaged. In the ancient world of conquest, the majority are most advantaged because they win war. Likewise in the modern world of politics, the majority are the most advantaged because they win elections. However, Nuer Nation is an exception. Despite being a majority, the Nuer Nation in Gambella is marginalized.

When you do not know your rights, you can think that you are wrong when in fact you are right. And not knowing your right is a stupidity. Here, the stupid Nuer majority are suffering from the hands of evil wise Anuak minority.

If something opens the eyes of the Nuer in Gambella and they see their rights, it cannot take a week before Gambella fall into the hands of a good ruler from this majority.

The Nuer are suffering because they do not know their rights. The Anuak minority are enjoying the rights of the Nuer majority who do not know their rights. Nuer comprise of 60% of the region’s population while Anuak are only 20%. These figures indicate that the region should be governed by Nuer but the Nuer do not know this right.

In the last national election, the Nuer voted for fully Prosperity party while the Anuak voted for another party. The whole of Anuak zone did not vote for prosperity party, yet Anuak zone is being represented in the cabinet more than the Nuer zone. If the Nuer demand their right by claiming the presidency of the region because they were the ones who voted for the ruling party, it cannot take a week before the president of Gambella Region becomes a Nuer.

The Anuak are destabilizing the region by killing people on the roads, but they give reports to the federal government that they are Nuer refugees terrorizing the region, but Nuer politicians are not saying anything. The same people from Anuak working in the government who are known by names are the ones killing the Nuer, but Nuer politicians are not saying anything.

When the rebel group known as Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) nearly captured Gambella city in 2022, they were Nuer who defeated them. The Anuak who are the most benefited and the ones leading the region only hid. They were Nuer youth who came from the Nuer zone the ones who defeated the rebels. Despite all these tremendous contribution to the current regime, the Nuer are not recognized. They Nuer are marginalized.

Here, I can conclude with my good brother’s, frequent words, “The Nuer are their own problem.”


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