Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Premilinary Investigation revealed that the goverment vehice from the agricultural department was used in yesterday’s killing of Nuer spectators. As the car bore goverment plate number, it was less scrutinized and therefore was allowed to pass under the Gambella Bridge where it opened fire on Football players and fans who were taking bath in the river after the match

The plate number recored was either 0036. or 0046. The Head of the Department with the car used in the killing is Nuer. However, his driver and the bodygaurd are Anyuak. The Nuer official was not in the vehicle when its occupants got out of it and opened fire killing one spectator instantly and died at the scene. Two others were seriously wounded and now are fighting for their lives in Gambella Primary Hospital.

In a real world with true judiciary system, the driver would have had a lot of explations to do about how the vehicle ended where it was sighted. But with Omot’s leadership whose goal is to eliminate Nuer in Gambella, this would be the same like when they used police vehicles in Pudeng attack transporting criminals with the state goverment resources.

President Omot does not worth a single day as President of Gambella National and Regional State He loss the direction to govern and right now the only place he and his administration desrves is Gambella Prison. Gambella Vision does not care who lead Gambella as long as it is not Omot, any other person whether another Anyuak, Nuer or Oromo would be a better choice than this devil we know so well whose goal is to eliminate Nuer.

Nuer must now look after themselves very seriously and never go into harm’s way. Omot goverment is tribal. failed and toxic like cancer to so many none Anyuaks in Gambella.ย  They are now killing Nuer with complete impunity, they killed the Oromos with full impunity and the goverment in Addis Ababa is allowing these deveils to carry what they are doing just because Abiy thinks Omot and his Anyuak cohorts are loyal to him. Well they did not vote for PP.

The terror they are using is almost identical to Derg’s Red Terror but different in away that this is specific and can easily be labelled as genocide.ย  Nuer must not allow this to happen to them. These people with the whole population of less than three football fields both Anyuaks of South Sudan and Anyuak of Ethiopia cannot terrorise the whole region like the way they are carrying on.

Nuer must make sure that the Anyuak do not have any right to end anyone’s life. The right to life is protected by the Ethiopian Constitution and if these mob want to break the constitution, Nuer have the right to refuse to die. If they do not want democracy, then Anyuak must know that they can also die, Not the Nuer only who have been burrying their dead every month in the hands of Anyuak thugs.


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