Tuesday, July 16, 2024

A reliable source has confirmed that dozens of Murle elders have been flown in to Gambella yesterday by the Ethiopian Military to negotiate peace with the locals whose relatives and families have been killed and whose kids have been abducted as well as their over 2000 cattle which the Murle bandits rustled.

This condition transpired despite some other 54 children who are still being held in captivity by the gunmen and over 2000 cattle all of which have been unaccounted for by the Ethiopian Military currently on the ground in the Murle areas.

If this is true as it is believed to be the case since the Murle elders are currently in Gambella town at the time of this writing, then it would be the lowest moment for our military and politicians as well. It is reasonably logical to say that the circumstances surrounding this peace talks will overshadow the very good work the Ethiopian Military have been doing over the last few days in bringing back the kids to Ethiopian soil.

One could not imagine how this could happen when our prime Minister said that they will pursue these criminals and made them pay the price for the Ethiopian lives they cut short. So how is it that the bandits are going to pay any price when in fact it is the reverse of our 54 children and over 2000 cattle which are in their hands.

It is sad to notice that we are here not even talking about the 208 people they killed. But about the kids and the cattle who are currently in their hands and we cannot get them. Thus, it is very pathetic to comprehend what the need is for peace talks when they still have  have our children and our cattle.

This in fact would be a heartbreaking situation for many relatives and families’ who are yet to receive good news about the welfare of their kids. To get them to engage in negotiation with these savage animals is beyond belief. One would wonder what their agenda is going to be if any different from what the military has already been demanding, the safe return of the kids.

The Murle have been coming to Gambella and raids cattle for over half a century but there was never any reprisal which could lead to a peace talk. This puts the validity of the peace talk in question and therefore it is air to say that it is not necessary and relevant at this juncture. Forcing or getting locals to attend or negotiate peace with the Murle would indicate that Gambellian Lives are not considered seriously part of the reason why the EDF left the villagers to defend themselves at the time of the attack.

Very shocking


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