Tuesday, May 21, 2024

In just over 24 hours, many people in Gambella have lost their lives. One Ethiopian National Defence Force (ENDF) member was killed last night near Bere Tseb after the Anyuak extremist attempted to launch an attack on the neighbourhood inhabited by Nuer.

Two Habesha were also killed by the extremist. Their death comes a day after two refugees from Nuer ethnic group were killed in Kule Refugee camp, in Tharpaam, located in Itang Special Woreda. ย It is now possible to say that the situation in Gambella is getting out of hand.

Numerous attacks made by the extremist on Bere Tseb have been unsuccessful but last night the luck has not been with the ENDF who has been working day and night to ensure public safety.

The extremist mean business in killing whoever is on their path whether an innocent and unarmed civilians or a member of security such the Federal Police or an ENDF. The life of that soldier could not have been wasted had the Gambella leadershipย  acted promptly for peace because this violence could have been stopped long time ago.

But it appears that the extremist are getting the backing of the authorities. The Gambella leadership is not doing enough to help quell the violence. Numerous attacks on Bere Tseb were foiled by the Ethiopian Defence Force resulting to surrendering of the attackers to the army. When these attackers are handed over toย  Gamnbella authorities for questioning as to what they were doing in Nuer neighbourhood with guns, the Gambella leadership releases them.

Any of the criminals when get caught in areas adjacent toย  Nuer neighbourhood is released without charges despite being there for the desire to committ mass murder. This is why peace will remain illusive for a considerable amount of time if criminals remain on the loose.

Until when these criminals are brought to justice, that is only when we realise the restoration of a peaceful coexistence. However, some element of fear is circulating in Gambella Administration. Those who want an end to this violence are speaking the truth of who stared the violence between the Nuer and Anyuak and fingers have been pointed as facts speak for themselves.

A tangible leadership is needed to put up with those committingย  atrocities causiing fear and terror in communities. But that does not go well with the leadership engulfed by nepotism, corruption and cover ups.ย  A casualty of this honest politicians is Changkuoth Choat. Changkuoth was removed by President Omot for standing up with the truth that it was his community in Puldeng which first came under attack from the extremist elements.

Because he did not agree with lies and thuggish behaviour of the Gambella leadership, Changkuoth lost his job for telling Omot that he is the one that needs to talk to his people who always conduct killings on roads and villages. Not him or his community in Puldeng who knew nothing when the extremist came and attacked them killing 5 people. Changkuoth lost his job for that.

Omot must work with those who want to see peace restored such as Changkuoth because being honest about situations like that will make things easier to find solutions for those hot issues. It is important that he (Omot) listens to authentic politicians rather than leaning on puppets which will only increase the violence.

It is about time for everyone in Gambella to flashback to violences that happened in the past. What did we achieve? This violence has been for nearly two months. What have we achieved so far? To my opinion, we achieved nothing except more agonising families from both sides. Anyone trying to address their grievances with violence would need to understand that it wonโ€™t work. No one will also be able to dislodge anyone from his house. Fire will be met with fire and if we all ended killing each other, what would be the use for the violence?



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