Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The situation in Gambella is worsening by the day. The ย extremist Anyuaks are continuing on a sickening killing spree.

Yesterday, 16/10/2023, Nuer neighbourhood of Tielul, in Itang special woreda came under attack around 1.20pm Ethiopian local time at night. One person lost her life and four others were wounded.

Today, 17/10/2015 E.C, 3 people were killed in the outskirt of Gambella town near Abol Wereda. They were trying to go to Tharpaam navigating through the Anyuak neighbourhood. They were killed in a Bajaj. The driver of the Bajaj was an Abesha.

The bodies are yet to be identified including the one of Abesha. Yesterday, an attack was thwarted in BereTseb by the Defence Force. Six Anyuak gun men try to penetrate into the neighbourhood but the Defence Force was already in the area to keep peace.

The gun men were all caught and arrested. President Omot must do something to ensure peace returns to the region.


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