Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Apolice officer from the Nuer ethnic group was shot on duty by Anyuak terrorists in Gambella Adebabaey Area. Chuol Gat Kuoth joined the Police Force few years ago and this morning, he wake up to work not knowing what the terrorist would do to him. There has been a lot of killings in Gambella particualrly by Anyuak on Nuer.

Gambella Police Force Graduating New Recruits

One of the members of the Gambella Police Force shot

Chuol is originally from Lare Wereda of Ngor Kebele. Among the people who died in the hands of Anyuak from Lare, Chuol is the 4th Police Officer to died in line of duty not fighting the Anyuak but doing his job. He was standing in Gambella Bridge road directing traffiic. The terrorist came behind his back and shot him. He is now fighting for his life in Gambella Hospital. The injury is quiet servere.

Chuol is such a nice person and many people are now in the hospital praying for GOD to save his life. The terrorist want to push Nuer into their limit. So many Anyuak are in the river bank of OPeno under the protection of Lare Woereda Nuer who share the same consituents with them.

But the Anyuaks whose family are still protected there such as Ogut Ading are the one killing Nuer in Gambella and in Itang. Gak Khat a police officer for ten years who made many trips in the river bank of Openo made so many expeditions protecting the Anyuaks in their villages. Gak was killed by Anyuaks in Abol Woreda while escorting a patient in an ambulance. The patient was an Oromo.

This is what you get when you save or treat Anyuak nice. No appreciation whatsoever. They will still kill you when they have opportunity. That is what they done to Gak Khat, That is what they done to Khat Ruey in Itang whose families are protecting Anyuaks in Nyang Nyikual and that is what they did today to Chuol who is now fighting for his life in Gambella Hospital.


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