Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The slain officer who was killed two days ago in Abol town was an experienced sergeant. The deceased is identified as a sergent from Lare Woreda. His name was Gak Khat who was a serving member of the Gambella Police for over ten years until his death two days ago doing his job he loved most.

Born In Pilual Kebele of Itang Woreda, Gak completed his high school in Itang. He joined the police force through Lare Woreda opportunity in 2006 E.C. Gak was a fine member of the police force deployed in various duties as stipulated by his role.

The last duty he did was escortingย  a patient referred to Gambella Hospital for advance medical care. Sadly, Gak was killed two days ago in Abol, a notorious town in Anyuak zone where so many Nuer were killed or wounded.

Gak was asked by his boss to escort a patient who was referred to Gambella hospital for an urgent advance medical care from Kuergeng Healthy Centre.

Gak was in the ambulance with the patient and patientโ€™s brother as well as the nurse. The ambulance reached Abol town at 2:00 PM Ethiopia Local time or 8pm East Africa time.

Gak was not killed by terrorist who brand vehicles on the road with bullets but by members of his own force who happened to be from Anyuak community. These rogue Anyuak police officersย sprayed the ambulance with bullets while still moving although marks are clearly visible of the vehicle being an ambulance.

The driver and the patient spared but Gak was killed instantly. The brother of the patient and the nurse who was monitoring the patient sustained gunshot wounds and are now fighting for their lives still.

People on the ground have said that those Anyuak rogue officers wereย  apprehended. But given the nature of Gambella judiciary which is dominated by Anyuak, those who kill Nuer get release within three months. This is why criminals from the Anyuak community have not been deterred as they know the likely outcome.

Gak had no enemies during his life time. On this endless violence between the Nuer and Anyuak, Gak was deployed so many times by Lare administration to oversee the safety of Anyuaks in Nuer neighbourhood.

Those Anyuaks held positions in Kuergeng town and those in the river bank of Openo in Chotgur, Nyang Nyikual, Nyang Dujuok, Pinytho and all those areas under Lare Woreda administration were wheere Gak has mainly been working ensuring the safety of Anyuaks in Nuer areas.

In reality, the Anyuak see Nuer as enemies or evil, but many Nuer believe Anyuak and Nuer are brothers and this bond or beliefe will continue despite such killings on the Nuer. In recent attack where passenger bus was sprayed with bullets where 15 passengers where wounded, Lare Woreda administration sent a contingent of police officers to Anyuak neighbourhood in Lare Woreda to ensure no harm is made toward the Anyuak in Lare.

Gak himself was part of that contingent. His house in Kuergeng town is adjacent to Anyuak houses all living with no fear to one another. Butongoing killings on the Nuer demonstrate the level of evilness in so many Anyuaks who kill Nuer despite their families being under the protection of the people they kill on the road.

Ogat Ading, the former communication minister is a perfect example. His family situsated in Lare adminkstration. In reality he should be serving his own constituent promoting the interest of his woreda but on contrary. he is playing an ethnic card promoting Anyuak agenda. This is because, Two years ago when GLF was active, three Nuers were killed in a broad day light in Gambella city centre by Anyuak Police Officers in a vegeance that does not relate to Nuer. An Anyuak police was killed a night before by Federal Police Officer who was not Nuer. Ogat send a file to Ethiopian Broadcasting Service and lied that the dead were killed by Rebels of Gambella Liberation Front Rebels. This was a white lied motivated by his ethnicity.


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