Tuesday, June 18, 2024

A violence that erupted yesterday between a man and his wife has claimed the lives of three people who have not anything to do with their disagreement. According to the eye witnesses who saw the struggle, three boys from the Anyuak community of Gambella were playing together after being asked by a man whose origin is from highland Ethiopia. The culprit had asked the boys if they saw his wife who went to a hiding fearing for her life after a family feud. Its yet unclear what sparked the violence between the man who was armed with a knife and the three boys. Two of the survivors said they told the man that they did not see his wife but the man kept on asking them until the situation went out of hand.

One of the boys was killed and in a revenge attack another two were killed. The situation has since been under control but this is not a good atmosphere for Gambella which has gone through a lot of hostile relation over the years between the Indigenous community and high land Ethiopians.

More update to follow.


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