Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ethiopia is at the verge of conducting general election, as many of you know that election is a systematic process of identifying politically right people per constituency to represent their own people around national cake in a constitutionally established government.

The Ethiopian case, there is multi-party system where many parties believed to be competing in the upcoming general election.

Within every party there is a competitive comparison and evaluation among it’s own members for those to represent each constituency.

Hence, there are more than a criterion for one to win the trust of nominators, on top of those criteria there common interest of the nominees to win and that common interest is driven by different personal interests whereby some take the ultimatum from tendency of not accepting defeat. And that tendency exists at all personal, party, and community levels which results to chaos and riots that take lives of innocent people and put some responsible people behind bars, leaving behind their helpless dependents.

Here now, my message of advice to every member of each party(political) is that when you are defeated as a party, community or as person you need to refrain from causing chaos which put lives of innocent citizens at risk.

And adding that, your unity as Ethiopians and as people of a respective community or party should remain intact for your party’s good and your community as well.




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