Tuesday, July 16, 2024

By Titus Thanyang Gatwech,

Dear Ethiopians Community at home and aboard, on behalf of the Gambella Ethiopian Community in Diaspora, I would like to take this opportunity to send out my Happy New Year greetings for 2009 to you all.

The year 2008 has just ended in some parts of the world, however, in Ethiopia, it will end in few hours time. The Ethiopians at large have already started preparing for the Big Day to celebrate the Addis Amet, 2009 event.

May the Lord bless the 2009 to be a year of peace for all Ethiopians to unite together and build better roads, better hospitals, better schools and better telecommunication network where we, those abroad, can call home with less congested network whether you are in the bushes of Gambella, Afar, Somali National Regional State, the Benishangul-Gumuz or in the outskirts of Bench Maji zone in Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Region.

We would like all Ethiopians to come together where I can see the people of the Afar Region, Amhara Region, the Benishangal-Gumuz Region, the Gambella Region, the Harari Region, the Oromia Region, the Somali Region the Southern Nation, Nationalities and people’s Region, the people of our capital, the Addis Ababa and the people of Tigray Region warmly celebrate the New Year 2009 in peace.

May the bad times we have had for the year 2008 be our stepping stones for success and May we all be blessed with many happiness in the year 2009!

The year 2008 has been painful for so many families in Ethiopia particularly the people of Gambella.

The internal strife between the two largest ethnic groups and the onslaught of the Nuer Ethiopians in the Nuer Zone by Murle barbaric tribes of South Sudanese has created so much dents in the hearts of millions of Ethiopians.

All Ethiopians do not wish to see any of those to be experienced in this new year of 2009  which is to be celebrated soon at home. We also wish the Ethiopian Military to stay strong by protecting the whole citizens of Ethiopia from foreign adversaries.

We wish Ethiopian borders to be sealed off by our military so that we do not have barbaric tribes from nations bordering us murdering our citizens.

However, the people of Gambella particularly in the villages of the Nuer zone who were ransacked in the 12 hours ordeal cannot be thankful enough to our military. The bringing back of our children from the hands of Murle barbaric tribes is a huge relief for so many families in Gambella who have lost everything.

Finally, I would like to wish all of you my fellow Ethiopians a Prosperous Happy New Year,  where I wish any of us as to be as healthy, energetic, delightful, and bright as ever. With that such an energy, we can build our nation together.

May God bless the people of Ethiopia!


The Author is Gambella Ethiopian Youth base in Australia and he can be reached by email at thanyangyat@yahoo.com.au. 




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