Tuesday, May 21, 2024

A day after the Anyuak got into trouble from the ENDF after refusing to handover weapons, the ENDF took the fight to the Nuer on the following day. The motive of the attack in Makhot Kebele was unknown but could be many reasons.

One reason might have been a bribery by Omot to the ENDF general overseeing the security situation in Gambella. There was report that Omotโ€™s administration had paid 1 million birr and that could explain why Makhot came under attack.

As they needed a spark to attack the civilians, one was to disarm the Nuer who always acted in self defence and knowing that Nuer would not agreed to that idea would trigger a fight.

Another reason was to please the Anyuak. As the Anyuak caused an uproar in the social me dia after the killing of their people by the ENDF, the Anyuak elites needed something to queiten or please their people. That is might have explained the reason why the village was attacked at dawnv


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