Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Nuer cow killed in Makhot

The Anyuak have finaly got what they want putting the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) Head to Head with the Nuer. This comes after the Nuer have been isolated and pushed out from decision making in Gambella Parliament by President Omot. This morning, the ENDF went to Makhot Kebele at dawn at 5am or 11:00am Ethiopian Local time.

The reason for their going was unknown. But because of the constant attack from Anyuak’s GPLM movement wanting to dislodge the Nuer from the village, the Nuer do not sleep at night unguarded. They make sure someone is awake so that women and children do not get slaughteerd by this group which has been attacking the Kebele from May last year.

The ENDF met with the neighbourhood watch guard who were staying awake keeping an eye for everyone to sleep with less worry. The ENDF came to the village in three directions and semi circled it. Then when they reached theย  watch guards, they opened fire on them killing two instantly. Then the force at the back opened fire at the village shooting randomly killing anything on their path.

As Nuer live with cows, 10 cattle were confirmed dead and scores of the Nuer civilians were wounded or killed. As they came at dawn, the Nuer did not know they were fighting the ENDF. They thought they were fighing the Anyuaks. Hours passed with much resistance and much fire power, they began to doubt this might not be Anyuak because the Anyuaks do not last more than 30 minutes before they could doย  a good will turning their back against the Nuer.

As the sun came up, their doubt was realised after seeing the ENDF cars and infantry in uniforms. The ENDF knew who they were firing at. They knew they were killing civilians. Three individuals were wounded and when they push the civilians away from the wounded family members, they finished the wounded killing unarmed and desfenseless people. This is against the Geneva Convention. Letย  alone killing a civilian, even an enemy combatant when surrurndered, captured or wounded does not need to to be killed.

But the ENDF at that moment knew what they were doing. They were carrying Anyuak Agenda as they fired at the Nuer civilians in Tharrpam who were trying to take the patients to the hospital.

Nobody know what involve the ENDF to fight Nuer or to get involve in a matter that Nuer did not start. Nuer are being killed on the roads by Anyuak and in their homes such as what happened now. But for the ENDF to get involve to kill Nuer is facilitating the Anyuak agenda which is the eviction of the Nuer by force. We urge the Federal Goverment to investigate the Ethiopian Military General overseeing the security situation in Gambella and find out why the ENDF went to village at dawn?

We understands that Omot and his Anyuak cohorts would do everything to drag the ENDF on heir side against the Nuer because Anyuak by themselves have no capacity to face Nuer eventhough they have the state resources financing this barbaric killings turniung the state to pharoah. If the ENDF wants Nuer to leave Ethiopia as the Anyuks want, they can fight on the side of Anyuak.

However, if the ENDF is a neutral body upholding the Rule of Law for all Ethiopians, then they need to investigate this and findout who took the ENDF to Makhort and for what purposes?ย  This attack comes two days after Makhot was also attacked resulting to the wounding of many civilians by Anyuak’s GPLM killer machine.


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