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There is no one happier today in Ethiopia than the people of Gambella who have all welcome the Prime Minster, Haile Mariam Desalegn, with open heart in their National Regional State. The Prime Minster’s visit means a lot for the people of Gambella not only for the unity among the indigenous tribes but also it will foster a better relation with the central government not to mention the developmental issues the Prime Minister has seen firsthand which he said he will make happen.

Some of these include the upgrading of the Gambella College to Gambella National Regional State University which will enroll students from around Ethiopia.

Another is the health sector particularly the Gambella National Regional State Hospital. The hospital lacks modern medical facilities particularly the orthopedic department as well as the department of mental health.

If Prime Minster could address those critical aspects which he said he will, then it would be a relief for many poor people of Gambella who are forced to  travel outside the region in search of medical treatment and better education under difficult circumstances such as the financial hardships.

However, those were not the factors which engender happiness from the locals. Seeing the Prime Minster was enough by itself to take all the five ethnic groups of Gambella and their highlander brothers and sisters who have adopted Gambella and calls it home , to the streets and dance.

One resident said to her friend who lives in Australia, “if you get a chance to see me right now, you would have thought that I have never had a shower for two years because my body is full of dust and sweat. We are dancing we are welcoming the Prime Minster to Gambella. Sorry I will talk to you later I am going to dancing”  she said

In fact there is no shortage of dancing from all ethnic groups of Gambella; Nuer,  Anyuak, Mejeng, Oppo as well as inhabitants from Highland Ethiopia. The atmosphere was very good. “The Prime Minister is a nice man” one local resident chanted.

Asked about what she likes about the Prime Minsiter?” Nyaluak said “I like that he is here with us”. He is just together with people seeing all the beautiful Gambella Culture, different types of cultural foods from all ethnic groups that make up the region”.

“We have never seen any head of government in Gambella. The last time our fathers saw a head of government was,  with Mengistu Haile Mariam, 23 years ago. Some of the people here in the crowd were not even born. But you cannot compare EPDRF with Derg. EPDRF have opened schools for us but Derg did not do anything for our parents. You can see the different yourself. We can read and write but they can’t.”

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Chuol Kun April 30, 2014 at 1:58 pm

Its the best of the best years in the history of our region of Gambella ever and ever. The day we received prime minister in the Airport, i can said its first of its kind, because all ages involved to received him as their leader which they term as the one next to almighty God which mean there is no one left. H. E. Prime Minister H/mariam Desalegn is a remarkable leader, we well come hime with all our hearts and yesterday we did in accompany him. we love you yourExcellencies.

Pal Both April 30, 2014 at 2:37 pm

The Article is impressive, we really appreciated the appearance of our Pri-minister in our region for such a long time passed. It has been such a long time that Gambella peoples where neglected from the benefits that all Ethiopian Regional states and citizen are having, mostly from the time of our late pri-minister. The most thing hurting is the opening of Universities through out all Ethiopian region states except Gambella, and the infrastructural constructions in the same states. But now it come a time that Gambella can line up with the rest of Ethiopian Regional States. Thanks to our Honorable Pri-minister Hialemariam Dessaleng.

Kuajien Lual Wechtuor May 1, 2014 at 11:35 pm

H.E. Prime Minister has done enough a head of government can do to encourage democratic development, promote respect for human rights and separation of power, advance peace and security, engage with civil society and young leaders who will shape the country’s future; also promote trade, investment and development partnership. It has been undue isolation for Gambella never received the head of government for over 23 years. Congratulation Gambella!

Gach Giel Dup May 3, 2014 at 3:59 am

H.E Prime Minister Haile Mariam Desalegn ,your visited to Gambella People National Regional State, was remarkable in the eyes of all Gambella.
What you need to do is very important, we have place all over ,in the long history , a history we continued but in end we will not see, it is a history of a new region that become a friend and liberate of the whole. It is a Gambella history ,a history of bread and stone , if some one promise his/her child to have bread but he/she can not give a stone rather than bread.

Today, it is our pleasure, we the people of Gambella to well come you in the marginalized region,that seems to be a commercial farm for some investors as of today. we will be convinced by your give to Open Gambella University , hospital, roads and the others that will benefit all Ethiopia people and particularly to natives.

It has been long due since Gambella people received their Minister of Minister at the time of EPDRF ruling part. Thank you one again H.E Prime Minister God will open your way to serve your people at large, God bless Gambella

nhial tut deng May 20, 2014 at 10:34 pm

Many thanks indeed for elevating the deepies happiness, u now realized the importance gift on earth “gift of happiness” surrounding u. Even if Prime minister is such a bad man, he will definitely sharp his lift style and become good. remember that is ur usual contribution in receiving him and feels a home welcome. please do such to every one come in ur home or meet at the rood or restaurant.
many thanks once again people of gambella

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