Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Gambella community of Australia, Church and other communities had held a remembrance day for the slain Deputy Minister for roads, Gatdet Gony Kuany.

The gathering was mainly focusing about his life as a father, husband brother and a colleague to those who studied and worked with him. According to the testimonies given at the prayer by those who knew him, Gatdet was a guy who anyone would like to live with. He was shy but sharp to the point, intelligence and a peace loving person. Although his death was very painful, Bishop Peter Gatbel advised the audience that let all pray for peace and love to dwell among the five ethnic groups of Gambella.

Let pray to ensure that Gatdet’s death resemble the death of our Christ Jesus who died to save us. As a result, we must pray and ask God to help us that the revenge killing in Gambella must stop with the death of Gatdet.

Bishop talked to the gathering by referring to these biblical chapters, John 3:15-17 and Mathew 5:43 -45. According to him, he said that Jesus said that “All who hate a brother or sister are murders, and you know that murders do not have eternal life abiding in them”…and You shall love your enemies, pray for those who hate you…” So what we can get out of that is that Anyuak are our brothers or sisters and so Jesus warned us not to hate a brother or a sister. Bishop, however, again said that if you consider Anyuak as our enemies, then Jesus also taught his disciples to love their enemies. And we all know that love does not mean killing “if you do what Jesus want us to do, then “you shall be called children of God”

All Gambella five ethnic groups must work together toward peace and reconciliation that will make Gambella Region one of the peaceful region in the nation.

Bishop Peter Gatbel Kunen Lual

Can be reached on gnadiocese@gmail.com


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