Tuesday, June 18, 2024

The Driver of the Bajaj which was sparyed with bullets two days ago where a Nuer Police Officer was killed has died. This joins a long list of bus and bajaj drivers who have died from the Anyuak stray bullets. What is meant by stray bullets is that the terrorist number one target areΒ  the Nuer. However, the Nuer do not operate heavy vehicles and many bajajs in the region.

As the passengers are the soft target, from the Anyuaks whose goal is to kill but not die, they get these unarmed civilians travelling between Woeredas as they should. Then drivers who happens to operate vehicles transporting Nuer died along with their customers such as the case to this driver who was just minding his own business but got killed before his customers could pay him.

The Prime Minister must understand that Omot is harbouring all these criminals killing people in federal roads. Unless President Omot is removed, these terrorist will continue to grow and more and more people in Gambella will continue to suffer. The terrorist needs someone like late President Omot Obang who had no nonsense with the killers.

Omot Ojulu is a coward who thinks for his retirement beyond politic because of any repercussion from these thugs should he stand up for public good. That is why he is leaving all these murderers in Gambella unscathed in the expense of Nuer bloods and others in the region who do bisinesses with the Nuer.


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