Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Gambella Officials met with the South West Regional State Officials in Dima woreda of Gambella for peace talks between the two states .

Gambella Officials Meeting with South West Regions

According to statements  from Gambella side, the insecurity in the border areas does not reflect the overall ambition of the  people of Gambella. Instead they said, these  killings and robbery problems that  occasionnaly happen in border towns of Dima and Benchi Maji Zone are caused by few anti-peace forces and bandits whose wishes, ambitions or aspirations do not reflect the general sentiment of Gambella public.

The peace negotiators may be right on that considering different ethnic groups that live in Gambella are not murderers like so many Anyuak are. If you see, Mejeng, the Nuer, the Oromos, the Amharas, the Tigreans, the Kembabtas or the Walayta are all victims to Anyuak barbarism in Gambella such as those people in the South West region bordering Dima, an Anyuak woreda.

This is rightly so when you see the areas inhabited by Anyuaks and other ethnic groups, killing by Anyuak on others is ectremely high. Just a day ago, two Nuer women were killed in Puldeng on their farms by Anyuak who are determined to wipe out everyone in Gambella terrorising Nuer to leave Gambella for Anyuak only.  This makes us to think that the words of Gambella Officials are false and have no meaning given the killing spree the Anyuaks are on in the region.

It would have  been fairer for them to say they just do not know how they could stop killing innocent people because what they do in Gambella is more than a roberry. The Anyuaks go and hunrt for none Anyuaks to kill wherever they find them be it their homes, roadside or farm yards. This creates an atmosphere where Nuer are always dying in the hands of Anyuak and President Omot not only does nothing but he does not acknowledge death of other tribes nor sympasize it.

He never makes any attempt to bring perpretaors to justice and such a lack of action by the president has turned the state to anarchy where it become harder to keep up recording the number of people getting kill.

During the Gambella Soccer Tournament held in Gambella town, a group of spectators from Nuer zone were  fired at with guns while having a bath in Baro River. One died instantly and many others sustained gunshot wounds.

The killers were using goverment vehicle to conduct the operation. Those killers are on the loose and still on Omot’s pay book.  The same goes for the two women who were killed yesterdayin in Puldeng Kebele.

No one was brought to justice and no attempt is being made by the president or the Gambella Police which is dominated by Anyuak. Thus, to say that they want to solve the issue with South West Officials is a joke because killing and perjury of justice are nothing new for them.

You kind of thinking borrow biblical questions which ask why do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye, but fail to notice the beam in your own eye? They need to clean up the mess here before they could think of having nice and friendly relations with their neighbours.


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