Wednesday, April 24, 2024

There is no reprieve ofย  violence on the Nuer in Gambella. On March 19, 2024, Makot Kebele of Itang Spcial Woreda came under attack from Anyuak Terroriasts. This was not the first time Makot experienced such violence. Many attacks were launch by Anyuak from Manyang, Maker and Pino. Deaths were being recored on the victims who did not knopw what the Anyuak wants.

But yesterday attack was the heaviest.ย Anyuak terrorists came in 3 directions with the aim of murdering innocent Nuer and dislodge them from their homes. The Nuer stood their ground despite huge number Anyuak came with. They were thrown into disarray by villagers who had no weapons but stones and spears.

Anyuak on their part had everything except tanks. They had Rocker Propelled Launchers, they had RPG and many heavy autamatic machine guns. Anyuak came to attack Nuer in Makhot in the vicinity of the Ethiopian Defense Force. When Njuer fought back and pushed them where they came from, the ENDF fired upon Nuer killing Nuer. Anyuak will pay the price for any Nuer they killed or that die as aresult of their violence.


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