Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Anyuak terrorist attacked Nuer farmers todayΒ  in their farms killing two women in Puldeng Kebele. The women went to their farms to bring food for their families. But the Anyuak terrorists hide in the forests and when they knew they were women with no arms, it met their plan. They fired upon them and killed two.

The terrorist returned to their village of Pino where they came from to attack. Pino is guarded by the Ethiopian National Defence Force and its adjacent village of Maker also guarded by the ENDF. The Nuer of Puldeng tried to pursuit the killers but they were stopped buy the ENDF to return back.

In essence, the ENDF is harboring Anyuak crminals who go and kill innocent Nuer with the notion that the Nuer will not pursue them back because they will be proteceted by the ENDF. The ENDF is the party to the problem an Anyuak entity. When they went to kill the two women, they were deployed in the border and when the Nuer came, they met with the ENDF who told them to go back.


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