Wednesday, April 24, 2024

As the fighting has now been fought for more than two months with no sign of ending, it is possible to see that the posts that the extremist bloggers put out on social media are real. This posts include turning Gambella into a blood bath and create immense deal of terror and murder. The gravity of that intensified last week. Anyuak officials and the former commander of the Gambella Liyu Haile (Special Force) met in 05 Kebele on 05/10/2015 Ethiopian Calender.

Here are the names of those who attended the meeting.

  1. Ogat Ading, Goverment Communication Office Head
  2. Senay Akwaor , Police Commissioner Head
  3. Akway Oguti, Justice Bureau Head
  4. Pen Ojulu, Lowland and Irrigation Bureau Vice Head
  5. Othow Okoth, Police and Seccurity Burerua Vice Head
  6. Thuel Aketh, Police Commission Crimes Prevention Director
  7. Commander Cham Ojulu, former Vice Head of Liyu Haile (Special Force)
  8. Commander Abraham former Liyu Haile (Special Force ) Logistic Department Head.
  9. ย Okello Oman Deng, Prospeity Party Inspiration Head.

The Meeting Agendas

  • To attack Nuer in public places in order to kill large number including children
  • How and Where to Get Logistics Supply


  • To Drive Nuer Out of Gambella and Reclaim Anyuak land

After the end of the meeting, they ordered their followers/structure to attack public transport vehicle carrying passengers of Nuer or Highlander (Habesha)ย  people. They also discussed about attacking passenger cars whether goverment or private.

On July 12,2023 the Anywaa militants try to kill occupants in the federal car with three high Federal Officials. Only God saved their lives. These militants based in Abol Woreda and estalished a command post on the road to Gambella town. The incident was reported to President Omot Adminstration but choose to do nothing,

On the folowing day, 13/07/2023, a passenger bus from Lare Woreda was attacked in the same area. Three people died on the scene and a day later another one followed making the death toll of the bus attack to reach 4. Twenty four (24) others were seriously woumded some with ife threating injrious.

For Peace to Return to Gambella, Prime Minister Abiy must dissmiss the whole Gambella Parliament and apoint a new one with the vision to restore hope and peace.


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