Tuesday, July 16, 2024

The Ethiopian Anyuak armed militias in the Gambella Regional State of Ethiopia reportedly have secretly crossed the border and acquired arms and ammunitions from the South Sudanese Anyuak home region of Pochalla in South Sudan after undergoing 3-months basic military training in the region.

The military training was conducted in a secret site within Anyuak home County of Pochalla under the supervision of Akot Lual, President Kiir’sΒ  envoy on the Greater Pibor Administrative Area ( GPAA), in concert with General David Yaw Yaw, former Pibor Chief Administrator, a Murle, whose militia frequently launches a cross border raids on the Ethiopian western frontier territory and as well as Jonglei and Upper Nile states in South Sudan.

Akot Lual and David Yaw Yaw, the two business partners reportedly facilitated the movement, planning and logistical support of the Ethiopian Anyuak armed militias as they transferred them from Pochalla, South Sudan to the Gambella region of Ethiopia to specifically carry out a kind of terrorism activities to target a particular rival community, the Nuer, by conducting specific activities of terror as recently as last week, they ambushed three public buses full of women and children along the highway about 10km to the Gambella city.

The terrorist militants threw bombs at the public transport buses and sprayed them with the bullets, resulting in the killing of many innocent Nuer women and children and meanwhile killed two innocent Oromo civilian drivers in the execution style.

And in another incident within the same week, the terrorist militants pulled off five Nuer students from the bus coming from Addis Ababa to Gambella and killed them all in an execution style as well, this is a typical of a terrorists violence act.

A confidential source within the South Sudan security unit in Pochalla area revealed to the Upper Nile Observer that the militia who participated in the military training included majority of the former Gambella special forces unit of Anyuak and police forces as well.

Plus additional forces of South Sudanese Anyuak, who were selected and released from various units within South Sudan security forces to form a larger force with the Ethiopian Anyuak so that they can launch a sustainable operation to destabilize the Gambella region.he source confirmed that the Anyuak political-military grand ambition and objective is to primarily destabilize the Gambella Regional state by staging an act of terror in the region in aims of weakening the peace and security, further weakening the state structures and developments and then in the process entering into a political-military alliance with the Amhara armed militia based in the Amhara region, which is much bigger than Anyuak group.

A highly-placed source in Gambella expressed that the mastermind behind all this crisis is none other than the Anyuak regional government president Omod Ojulu, who is secretly collaborating with the Anyuak rebel militias to form the future alliances with the Amhara Fano militia, based in the Amhara region.

The source continued to pinpoint that the whole Anyuak community in diaspora from both South Sudan and Ethiopia forms a shared political vision and objective as they are now deploy a well-coordinated social media campaign propaganda and disinformation warfare as they engage in a fake news campaigns in the predominantly Amharic news to play the victim card while they are the real perpetrators who engage in the terrorism activities in the Gambella region and therefore, the truth will catch up with them after the facts.




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