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The Gambella People Liberation Movement (GPLM) has an ideology of pushing the Nuer out of Gambella Region as awhole. This policy, though widely supported by many

Omot, Thankuey and Ashine

Anyuaks INCLUDING President Omot, is illegal and a crime against the Ethiopian Constitution.

Article 32 of the Ethiopian Constitution enables any Ethiopian the right to choose where they want to live. In other words, no Ethiopian, Anyuaks themselves included, has the right to deny that right.

Article 14 and 15 of the Ethiopian Constitution also provides everyone the right to life which the GPLM has been breaching killing Nuer wherever they may find them. No one has the right to murder or cause internal displacement such as what the GPLM and the Anyuak extremist have been doing.

As popular as this policy may sound, it will have unintended consequences for the Anyuak if the federal government does not intervene and do something about it.

On the social aspect, it would backfire and many Anyuaks would end up leaving their villages and find themselves homelessd.  On the economical point of view, Anyuaks would be left destitute when they loose all the revenue and benefits brought about by peaceful coexistence.

Before the Anyuak launch attack on Nuer, the Gambella Bus station was located on the Anyuak side. With so many passengers travelling daily to the Nuer zone and to the Refugee camps, this has been a source of revenue for so many Anyuak kids.

These lads accumulate around the bus station and charge the travellers for what they called lifting fee. Passengers are charged to pay fee for small bags as light as 5 kilos and this lifting fee directly goes to the boys accumulated in the bus station. This was a good source of income for the Anyuak community as you have more than 12 buses travelling each day to and from.

That was lost due to the stupidity of GPLM and President Omot who supported the GPLM. As the bus station is an easy target for the terrorist where they could find their prey with ease, the business had stopped.

The Nuer refused to board in Anyuak Neighbourhood for safety concerns. Omot felt into pressure from Anyuak boys who lost that revenue and wanted Nuer passengers and the bus station to come back to the Anyuak side where they could benefit. But the Nuer did not buy in to that because it only take one terrorist with enough ammunition to commit mass murder.

Another area where the Anyuak loss Revenue is the notorious town of Abol where so many Nuer were killed including patients in ambulances. Before the fighting, all cows and oxen were sold in Gambella town. They come pass Abol town from the Nuer Zone where owners are required to pay 300 Birr per cow or an ox before they could be given an exit pass.

If 200 cows and oxen pass through Abol each week, the administrators in Abol would be collecting around 60,000.00 Birr and that happened every week. As the Nuer were hunted by Anyuak extremists who are in thirsty of the Nuer Blood, the Nuer could not sell in Gambella due to safety concern. They started selling in Nuer Zone of Lare Woreda. This is also another miscalculation by Omot and his GPLM killer machine.

Lastly, many Anyuaks with villages along the riverbank of Baro from Itang to Berhane Selam have been benefiting enormously from Nuer leasing portions of their farmlands to the Nuer with big chunks of money in a given season.

The Nuer plants their crops and when the season ends, the contract ends. This was a  very valuable income for  so many Anyuaks as the demand was very high and so they put the price up as much as they wanted.

The other thing is that Nuer and Anyuak have been living together for centuries in this part of the world in the towns of Pinyua, Maker, Chithuol, Iller, Malual (Pillum), Gur WuLuak, Pinymuo Berhane Selam, and so on. The two tribes have been enjoying the company of one another exchanging mango with cow milk.

Now with the violence the GPLM started on the Nuer, all that benefits is gone. The Anyuaks would ultimately be the bigger losers here because the Nuer would sell their cows in Nuer Zone and these areas where Nuer leases Anyuak farmlands would probably be cultivated free of charge as it has happened in Pinyua, Pinymuo, Chituol, Gur Wuluak and so many towns.

This would be the outcome of Omot and his GPLM ill equipped policies whose goal is to evict Nuer from Makhot, Puldeng, Berberesep at initial stage before they could remove all the Nuer in the entire Gambella Region if they had the will.

Omot was working behind the scene to make that happen sending the GPLM to kill and when they are chased back by the Nuer, he sends the ENDF to rescue them. All that Omot has been doing was illegal and the Federal Government of Ethiopia does not seem to be blindfolded again.

Omot and his Anyuak GPLM must have their own mojo to evict Nuer, not the ENDF they have been using as side chick in their dangerous ideology which breaks the very core of the Ethiopian foundation.

Now that Omot’s plan came to light, the GPLM will find it hard to keep villages like Gambella City and the entire Jor Woreda if the Anyuak chooses bullet as a policy to address any grievances they may have against the Nuer.

The Anyuak violence has reached so many families from the Nuer society. With the exception of the Nuer in Omot’s government who could not help stop Omot’s madness. But on the grass root level and the Nuer diaspora, they have all come together, united against Omot’s cancer which works to finish Nuer.


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