Tuesday, May 21, 2024

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed Ali is supporting a wrong group that did not even voted for him in the last election. Nuer have been killed so many times in Makhot Kebele of Itang Special Woreda and scores are killed on every single attack but does nothing to the terrorist whose aim is to dislodge Nuer throughout Gambella by terror.

The Nuer have become so unlucky as they are represented by a vice President who is young, naive and somehow novice. He does not question President on anything that challenges Nuer lives in the region. To achieve that goal, the Anyuak surrounded most of their villages with the Ethiopian Defense Force which has become an Anyuank entourage.

From so many previous attacks, the Anyuak used the ENDF as a launching pad coming out of their villages and attacl Nuer killing everyone they could get. When the Nuer responds, the Anyuak runs to their village where ENDF is based. Then they stops the Nuer pursuing Anyuaks whose tactics has been a hit and run to the mum (ENDF).

But yesterday attack on Makhot was different. The Anyuak came out as they usually do to start a fight aiming for the Nuer cattle which is their livelihood. Then when the fight erupted, the ENDF stationed behind the back of Anyuak fired at the Nuer civilians who were defending their right to exist in Ethiopia.

The Nuer first thought it was a mistaken identity as they could see the ENDF visible on their Uniforms. As the ENDF fire power continued on the Nuer, the civilians retreated sustaining many injuries and death some of whom are in critical condition.ย  =

This is a situstion which the Anyuaks wants. The Anyuak understand very well they could not fight and win any battle against the Nuer. But they used the state resources money to bribe the ENDF general overseeeing the situation in Gambella. The Anyuak are using the state resources to finance the war against the Nuer.

To do that, they took key postions in the Gambella Parliament so that nobody knows what they are doing with the state resources. They are the same money they use to bribe federal agents who get sent by the Prime Minister to give an overview report about the situation of Gambella. These military generals with Omot’s money do not give the exact picture of the situation.

That is why the people of Gambella are continuing to die . But now that the ENDF has joined partnership with the Anyuak, it is going to be very very difficult for the Nuer.ย  The Anyuak goal is to remove the Nuer in Ethiopia which can be achieved if Dr Abiy does not entervene. The Prime Minister needs to intervene and the best thing he could do is to remove Omot and bring all the killers to jail. .


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