Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Although the operation is currently ongoing, the people of Gambella could not be any happier than the feeling they currently have about their government. Despite what the people say about the EPDRF, the tragedy in Gambella which happened in the Nuer zone has united all Ethiopians as one people and gave a big thump up to the Ethiopian government for the role it is undertaking.

Just a month ago, Ethiopia was attacked from the west by Murle barbaric gunmen who killed 208 people and abducted 108 kids after killing their parents. Over 2000 cattle were also taken by these primitives.

The government has proved itself to be really a government for the people which took Ethiopian lives very seriously. So far, 44 children have since been returned. Over 64 children are yet to be returned. The people of Ethiopia now have a big hope that their government will be able to bring back all the Ethiopian children back to their motherland.

They also have a big hope that Ethiopia will be respected once and for all by these evils because whoever harm Ethiopians made themselves hunted individuals by the Ethiopian military.

And that is true to what is now happening. When you see devils playing with the lives of innocent citizens of another nation whether it is a murder, smuggling or abduction of children or the vulnerable, Ethiopia has placed itself to be among the top list of countries which care about the lives of its people.

For instance, when the United States was attacked, it took about a month before they could strike back to hunt down Osama Bin Laden which they later found 8 years later. When the Chibok girls in Nigeria were abducted it took some time for the Nigerian government to implement operation about how to get back the girls one of which has never been rescued.

But for our case, the government did not sit idle by. Our military went on straight as soon as we were attacked. Now it seemed that we will be successful in getting all the children back. Many people of Ethiopia particularly the Nuer in Gambella National and Regional State are happier of their government and the process it undertakes that is to get the kids back as safely as possible.

Long live Ethiopia
God Bless the Ethiopian Military
God Bless our Politicians
God Bless Our Prime Minister
God Bless Ethiopia


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