Aerial View og Gambella During Rainy Season

Gambella becomes nice and green during rainy season. The town/city is dedvided in to two by Baro River. The Gambella National Regional State is found on one side whereas the College, and Hospital is found on the other side. More »

Not Your Traditional Footpaths

Gambella is now becoming a high class city with catching up with the rest of Ethiopian cities and Regional States with more asphalted roads. More »

Kuergeng Wetland in Lare Wereda

This wetland has recently developed due to the road construction which links Lare, Pagak of South Sudan and Gambella. More »

Maize Farm in Gambella Town Near the Bridge

Gambella farmers are blessed with rich and fertile soil suitable for growing crops twice a year allowing them to produce for the state. More »

Gambella Iconic Mountain in Northern Part of the Town

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church built right at the top of the Mountain overlooking the town. More »


Analysis and observations about August 17, 2015 peace talks on South Sudan in Addis Ababa Ethiopia,

Analysis and observations about August 17, 2015 peace talks on South Sudan in Addis Ababa Ethiopia, regarding IGAD-Plus Compromise Proposal and Conflict Resolution on the Republic of South Sudan. By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak Tuesday: August 25, 2015 On the weekend

The celebration of the new Pagak County on Wednesday May 27, 2015

Pagak Residents attended the Celebration of the New Pagak County

By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak, May 30, 2015, Three weeks ago, an invitation notice was extended and circulated on media, urging sons and daughters of Pagak to attend the commemoration of Pagak promotion to County level which is said to would

South Sudan’s led by a world’s Fool and a Monster

Picture of the South Sudan President

Many people including some of my former classmates, who wrote essays about the former United States President, George Bush Junior as the world’s foolest and most evil President, should just turn around and analogise his policies with President Kiir of

Ethiopians in Sydney Celebrated the 9th Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day

The Ninth Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and People's Day celebration in Sydney Australia

The Ethiopian nationals who reside in Sydney, Australia have celebrated the first 9th Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and People’s Day  Celebration here in Sydney’s Newington suburb near Olympic Park. It was the first time for Ethiopians to get together and celebrate

Will Salva Kiir still run the country by the presidential Decree if he survives the call to step down?

Stupid President of South Sudan

  By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak, November, 9, 2014. If Salva Kiir survives the call to step down as the head of South Sudan for ordering his private army to massacre Nuer to give peace a chance, will he also retain

Family feud Left three people dead in Gambella town

A violence that erupted yesterday between a man and his wife has claimed the lives of three people who have not anything to do with their disagreement. According to the eye witnesses who saw the struggle, three boys from the

Fatal Car accidents in Gambella’s Lare Wereda killed two

Kuergeng 01 Kebele

Gambella has seen a wave of fatalities caused by motor vehicles in the past few years. The latest victims have been recorded in Lare Wereda. A mother of five from Riek Kebele was ran down from the side of the

New proposed flags for the new awaited Federal Republic of South Sudan

Proposed Map for Republic of South Sudan

By Lul Gatkuoth Gatluak As South Sudan peace talk is raging, many are waiting to see what change will be unveiled to fix the current higgledy-piggledy. Without doubt, the majority of South Sudanese are yearning for federalism to be the

Politician’s greed override sister’s life

Some of the eight defected politicians to South Sudan government early this week who caused a media frenzy in Juba are in fact victims of Kiir’s imposed war on South Sudanese People. Yiey Puoch Lur who boarded the Ethiopian Plane

IGADD’s behaviour on South Sudan Conflict is Beyond Insanity

The picture of IGADD

The majority of South Sudanese had put their hope on IGADD that it would be able to help the fledgling nation in finding a peaceful settlement to the crisis. But what many of them have been witnessing over the course